Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Last Datu

Unfinished comics in my shelves...
I owed it to Budjette Tan, the writer.
Sorry Budj, still don't know when can i finish this one
but i enjoyed doing this, from pencil to coloring...
actually this was my first coloring experience
using photoshop with my very slow G3 mac.
I did manage to squeezed and draw inbetween my day job
and Father job. My attempt to come up with some fantastic
local stuff in the Philippines during that time.

it's almost 5 years since then I think... if i'm not mistaken.


  1. SamBong,,,

    Lupit ng mga illustrations mo pre! Baka pwede mo ko batuhan ng mga tips ng Human Anatomy...

  2. Salamat!
    musta na?
    wala ako books ng human anatomy,
    dati pa nung sa college may book ako ng Andrew Loomis.
    nawala na yon ngayon.

    hanap browse ka na lang sa internet baka meron doon im sure marami na nagkalat ng anatomy reference jan.

    o kaya sa Gettyimages subukan mo.

  3. these are very amazing. i like the colours and lines. your level of comics are pretty high.

  4. Oh Drewscape,

    thanks for dropping by.

    but i still love your art and comics.

  5. you know, I still haven't shown anyone these pages, hoping that people will get to see it for the first time when they read the book

    hahahah :)

    we could work on a shorter story, if you can somehow squeeze that in between everything else that you have to do :)

    btw, you and Dodo should really compile ASKALS into a book... soon!

  6. Are all the comics in this blog site been published? If yes where can I buy it? Are going to sell your comics at this coming October's Komik Kon?

  7. Budj,

    5 to six page sure i can finish.
    dont worry if this comic got published i'm sure the people who saw it here will still buy a copy. hahaha!

    yeah Aksals should be compile into a book.
    i will talk to Dodo about that.

    Jayson, thanks for viewing
    not all actually... we self published(indie photocopy) the Noisy Blood, Askals 1.,2,3. then the rest are not yet publish.
    I dont know if Dodo still have a copy of those.

    This october Komikon im not really sure if i have something to sell.
    If i have, ( and i think i have) i will surely flyback to Philippines and reunite with my old buddies.

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  9. If Mr. Dodo still have a copy where can I contact him to buy some of your comics... Are these available at Sputnik Comic Shop in Cubao? I'm just a stone's throw away from that store... well... nagbabakasakali lang naman po...

  10. Dito Jason... sa blog ni Dodo
    ask mo na lang sya baka meron pa natitira copy sa kanya.

    Ang alam ko kasi nag bebenta lang si Dodo pag may mga events lang po.